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The Center for Competition Law and Policy (CCLP) is an interdisciplinary research institute at KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It was founded in 2010 with the purpose of advancing and promoting legal knowledge about competition law and policy through research and teaching of the highest quality. In 2014 the CCLP co-established a key research base with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and becomes a think tank of the latter in antitrust enforcement. In 2015, the CCLP cooperated with Wolters Kluwer in publishing “China’s Antitrust Cases Database” periodically. In 2016 the CCLP was designated by the Shanghai Bureau of Education as one of the official think tanks of the Shanghai Government.


The CCLP has a professional team comprising four full professors, two assistant professors, a group of competitive post-doctoral and doctoral researchers, and a broad network of affiliated researchers from other academic institutes, law firms, courts and multinational companies. Director, Prof. Xianlin Wang, is a leading authority in the domain of competition law in China. Executive Director, Prof. Jian Li, focuses his research in law and economics. Associate Director, Prof. Liyang Hou, is specialized in comparative competition law study and telecom regulation. The members have published hundreds of academic articles in prestigious journals, such as China Social Science, China Legal Science, Chinese Journal of Law, Common Market Law Review, and Telecommunications Policy.


The CCLP is committed to contribute to a better and more efficient implementation of industry-wide competition rules and sector-specific regulatory frameworks. Its research focuses on the design of innovative legal techniques and is characterized by its intra- and inter-disciplinary approach, constantly aspiring cross-fertilisation between legal and economic perspectives. By conducting ground-breaking legal research in a spirit of academic freedom and freedom of inquiry, CCLP aspires to a place among the centers of excellence in the area of competition law and policy in China and beyond.

Based on this extensive research expertise, CCLP also provides excellent education programmes and courses in China and English for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its competition law course in Chinese has been designated as one of Excellent Courses, and its course of Competition Law in English has been entitled as one of Model Courses in English. It also organises seminars, symposia’s, conferences, and public lectures for judges, executive officials, academics, practicing lawyers, on topics relating to competition law and policy. In this way, CCLP is able to share its expertise with students, scholars and practitioners from around the globe and guide them through the complex world of competition law and regulatory policy.


The CCLP also uses its knowledge to contribute to the improvement of the legal policy and practice with regard to competition law and policy by providing advisory and consultancy services to legislators, public bodies or private enterprises. It has been significantly involved in drafting the Anti-monopoly Law, Unfair Competition Law, and other relevant regulations in China. The CCLP has also won competitive funding from many governments, such as China’s Social Science Foundation, China’s Ministry of Education, European Commission, China’s Ministry of Justice.


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Center for Competition Law and Policy
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